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Superfighters 2
Posted by: MaximuSR, 2015-12-07, 18:25 - 0 comments

Superfighters 2 from MythoLogic is a single-screen multiplayer or a single-player fighting game filled with weapons and tactical maneuvers and some chunky pixel art to feast your eyes on. It's a game where your little soldiers shoot, stab, kick, burn, shoot and even trick each other until they die.


The game has obtuse controls that might take some getting used to, but the control scheme is fully customizable, which is very helpful if you have a gamepad. You can move with the arrow keys and use the M and N keys for melee or ranged weapons. If you're playing split-screen multiplayer with another person, they'll get their set of controls on the other side of the keyboard.


Superfighters 2 Game also offers some special moves to add a layer of tactic to the game. You can dash, roll and dive, which makes for a handy cover ability. It takes its time to introduce you to the game features, but after a few rounds, you'll be able to settle in. The game offers two main modes, namely the Versus mode and Stage mode. First is a simple battle to the end in which you can choose characters, the team they'll play on, the number of players and the stage you'll be battling in. Stage Mode is more of a story or quest mode as you have to defeat your opponent in four stages with increasing level of difficulty. Combat in this game is chaotic, frantic yet strategic and tactical. You can start the game with a few basic weapons, a few grenades and a weak melee attack, but since other players have them as well, you need to have an edge to win the game. So just grab the weapon near you and starting shooting to win.

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